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Cynefin framework in brief

How can Cynefin enhance management in the face of chaos and complexity? Cynefin intro Cynefin proposes certain principles that decision makers can apply to understand and take action (practice) in different types of situations, viz. involving simple, complicated, complex, or … Continue reading

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Smart Web 2.0 referencing

How to prevent link rot of Internet references in blogs and other publications? Link decay In recent years, there has been an increase in electronic references in scholarly literature, distance learning resources, and other documents. This has been accompanied by … Continue reading

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Social network analysis

How to change the pattern of resource flow relations to improve overall network outcome? Description Social Network Analysis (SNA) maps and analyses social systems. Social systems consist of actors and their relationships. The actors can be people, groups, or organizations. … Continue reading

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CSL4D : aim

Concept & Systems Learning for Design             CSL4D is an informal, private initiative for exploring the combined use of concept mapping and systems thinking for learning in business, development, and education. Originally, the D in CSL4D stood … Continue reading

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