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The origin of failure of the banking system

Complexity to the extreme: can anthropology help? That can’t be true      Last week I was intrigued by the publication of Joris Luyendijk‘s latest book “That can’t be true” (in Dutch only; original Dutch title: Dat kan niet waar zijn) about … Continue reading

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Impact evaluation, innovation and systemic learning

Why can’t evaluation be more systemic? In this blog post, I will: (1) summarize two contributions at a recent IDS workshop on systemic evaluation; (2) interpret a novel 3-dimensional framework that links key systems concepts with learning and value types; … Continue reading

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Serendipity and the systems approach

Systematic searching and coincidental finding The need for serendipity      Serendipity is one of seven possible origins of good ideas (Johnson, 2011; or Ted talk), the other six being: The Adjacent Possible (ideas closely linked to previous ones), Liquid Networks (ideas … Continue reading

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