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The essence of the systems approach

How does ‘Wicked Solutions’ work? In 2016, a new book was published to explain how the systems approach can be used to address wicked problems on your own or in small teams, something which most people found difficult so far, even after having … Continue reading

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Habemus … librum

Wicked Solutions now available as a physical book Since its first publication as a PDF in 2014, Bob Williams and I have worked on a second edition of Wicked Solutions. It can now be ordered as a US Letter-sized paperback from … Continue reading

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Wicked Snippet

The 2016 Hieronymus Bosch exhibition Wicked Snipping is a simple, preliminary way to record and communicate a first impression of the systemic essence of a wicked problem very quickly indeed. It demands very little prior (systems) knowledge of the person making such Wicked Snippets or … Continue reading

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