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The iceberg metaphor for systems

A simple model for system ontology and epistemology Two systems intertwined      In the posts of the CSL4D website I combine concept mapping with systems thinking for greater clarity of understanding of the latter. The concept map in this post is … Continue reading

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Von Clausewitz’s Center of Gravity concept

And its possible relevance to systems thinking Von Clausewitz, the seminal 19th century Prussian military theorist, famously wrote that war is merely “the continuation of policy [with the addition of] other means” (mit Einmischung anderer Mitteln). This suggests that war … Continue reading

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A basic conceptual framework for systems learning

Inter-relationships, boundaries, and perspectives revisited Last week I was struggling with three systems concepts: inter-relationships, perspectives and boundaries (IPB). All I was trying to do was to fill out a so-called IPB table to summarize my understanding of the stages … Continue reading

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