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Resolving wicked problems: rules of the game

Broad guidelines for problem-resolution processes derived from first principles The reason for this post…      is to see to what extent one can understand common rules for resolving wicked business problems as directly related to the nature of the problems they … Continue reading

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Managing wicked problems: a primer

Problem structuring and (non-)linear management methods to address wicked problems in business and development What is linear management?      Linear management is often contrasted with the non-linear, reiterative forms of management used to address wicked problems. Linear management can be applied … Continue reading

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Wicked problems according to Schumacher

Or what the author of Small is Beautiful says on complexity Very short biography      Schumacher is an influential 20th century economist, best known for writing Small is Beautiful (1973), which deals with socio-economic sustainability and  development economics. After his escape … Continue reading

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It’s a wicked problem, stupid! (revisited)

A bit over 5 years ago I first learned about wicked problems. So I looked at the oft-cited seminal article by Rittel & Webber of 1973 and tried to make sense of it (see old post). There was a lot of … Continue reading

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Leadership practices for ‘wicked’ problem solving

… and how they follow from wicked problem characteristics Last Sunday (May 15, 2016) Brook Melville posted an article on Leadership practices for ‘Wicked’ problem solving at Melville (McKinsey’s first Director of Knowledge Management) had interviewed Dr. Kate Isaacs, … Continue reading

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Some problems with the systems approach Why isn’t it applied more often? Simple explanations        I am convinced that the systems approach is a very good thing. Like many ‘believers’ it is hard for me to understand why so many people think … Continue reading

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The hidden workings of Wicked Solutions

Getting to the bottom of one more wicked problem In a previous post I spoke of the The ‘hidden workings’ of the systems approach of Wicked Solutions. The strange thing is that the steps and stages involved in Wicked Solutions … Continue reading

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Wicked Snippet

The 2016 Hieronymus Bosch exhibition Wicked Snipping is a simple, preliminary way to record and communicate a first impression of the systemic essence of a wicked problem very quickly indeed. It demands very little prior (systems) knowledge of the person making such Wicked Snippets or … Continue reading

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Wicked Solutions: one more explanation

The complexity of addressing complexity Last June “Wicked Solutions” was published to provide readers, facilitators (not manipulators), or stakeholders with a generic systems approach for addressing wicked problems. Wicked problems are a special category of problems. They are also known … Continue reading

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Wicked Solutions: library and database information

Wicked solutions: a systems approach to complex problems New systems book         Wicked problems are ubiquitous, both in the developed and in the developing world. Systems approaches have been developed to deal with them more effectively. In June 2014, a workbook … Continue reading

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