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Human teleology in Plessner’s philosophical anthropology

The double aspectivty of human eccentric positionality Philosophical anthropology          Why would a blog on systems thinking be concerned with philosophical anthropology? Because systems thinkers themselves claim that systems thinking, including systemic design, may be traced to the origin of man. … Continue reading

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The hidden workings of Wicked Solutions

Getting to the bottom of one more wicked problem In a previous post I spoke of the The ‘hidden workings’ of the systems approach of Wicked Solutions. The strange thing is that the steps and stages involved in Wicked Solutions … Continue reading

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The essence of the systems approach

How does ‘Wicked Solutions’ work? In 2016, a new book was published to explain how the systems approach can be used to address wicked problems on your own or in small teams, something which most people found difficult so far, even after having … Continue reading

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Logical Framework Approach worries

A summary of key concerns and some solutions No alternative to LFA         The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) has been around for well over 40 years. It has been enormously successful in terms of widespread use, at … Continue reading

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It’s a wicked problem, stupid!

What’s the link between wicked problems and systems thinking? The first person to call wicked problems so was professor Horst Rittel of the University of California Architecture Department, presumably at a seminar on problems in urban planning, in or prior … Continue reading

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