How (and why) to represent systems archetypes in concept maps

Causal loop diagrams can help us understand interconnected situations. They are central to the discipline of systems dynamics and have been applied in different sciences and in business management. Systems archetypes are common forms of causal loop diagrams. In the mid-1980s, eight archetypes were developed at Innovation Associates to help understand the most common organizational system behaviours. Once an archetype is identified, its generic behaviour is known and systemic policy advice can be readily formulated. Concept mapping is also used for learning to understand complex systems. But so far it has benefited very little of the discipline of systems dynamics. This deficit could be addressed by integrating causal loop diagrams in concept mapping. In return, systems dynamics could benefit by integrating more aspects of reality through concept mapping. Either way, policy advice could improve by covering both systemic and non-systemic aspects. Here is how we propose to represent the Reinforcing loop archetype in concept mapping. For a discussion of various aspects of the notation used, we refer to the page on “Insight Maker/Causal Loop Diagram Notation” in the

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